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    The Story - Events that lead to Opportunity  

DatBoys Data Recovery has been growing in stature over the last since it's incorporation in 2007 years as is indicated by it's Letters of Recommendation.

From the beginning, a desire to grow DatBoys into a sizable company has been the goal.

A Business Plan is in place to strategically and effectively layout the ground work and plan to grow DatBoys.
DatBoys Business Plan is solid and while conveying to the reader that it is logical and conservative it still demonstrates a very profitable model to pursue.

Through the course of Christopher Perron's Professional career he has developed working relationships with other business owners and IT Professionals in mid-sized to large corporations. Through unique course of events Christopher Perron has a relaionship with a Regional IT Help Call-In Center.
The contact person indicated that the IT Help Call-In Center is required to refer customers to outside local area company's to provide services that the Manufacturers do not provide to their customers, either as a Value Added Service, or under warranty. The Contact within the IT Help Call-In Center indicated that DatBoys would be placed at the top of their "Service Provider Referral List" if DatBoys had a local Presence in that area, and so long as DatBoys performed as indicated by the word of mouth and DatBoys's Letter of Recommendation. DatBoys would remain at thetop of the referral list. DatBoys has to expand to this area to take advantage of this situation. The estimated cost of DatBoys initial expansion is $2,000,000 which will include 2 working recovery shops (Massachusetts - Florida ) and a below market value micro electronics lab (Massachusetts). The lab being the most expensive of the startup costs at $1.4M. The first full year operations profits are layed out in the Financial Plan and Balance Sheet that were created by a CPA who used the figures in the "The Opportunity" scenarios.

In July of last year Chris went down to visit Family and Friends and also met with the DatBoys contact, as well as, to met with the Chamber of Commerce Representative, and other Business Community Company owners to start the planning process for expanding. The Chamber of Commerce was very receptive an amenable in assisting in anyway they could. They indicated that once DatBoys was ready they would provide me a list of members that provided the services I required to open the doors and it would be at a discount. They also indicated that there could be a wribbon cutting ceremony with the local Press in attendance (Free advertising) for the Grand Opening. Chris is now convinced based on the conversations with respected Community Members and Leaders that DatBoys will receive business the week DatBoys opens it's door for business. That is pretty much "Automatic Business".

Opportunities like this are very rare where a confluence of circumstance present themselves for a person or persons who see the opportunity to take advantage of it.
In "The Opportunity" link on the Navigation Menu Frame there are 3 basic scenarios that are presented to you for your review. Please keep in mind that these are very base (conservative) numbered scenarios and we can assume that the numbers will be double by the end of Year 1 of the funding date but, we have left them in a conservative state so as not to mislead anybody and should the doubling of numbers not happen any movement upward from our very conservative and "doable" numbers and our revenue projections will still be ahead of our target projections.

Now for the Opportunity I was talking about. It's the next link.