Christoper J perron, owner of Datboys LLC threatened to release personal information of a Brotherhood of NOD member.


As a self defense measure the brotherhood declared war on Christopher J perron and launched Project x1360. The brotherhood quickly scanned the website of datboys and discovered hidden password protected files which we released to the prank calling community and the public.

Chris perron is better known as "chris the hacker", this nickname has been given to him by the Prank calling community.

Unlike most prank calling victims, who merely get angry and/or call the police when pranked, Chris quickly figured out what was going on and attempted to take the fight right to the pranksters who were harassing him by tracing the IP addresses of the Skype calls coming to his business. At one time, he also attempted (while using an alias) to infiltrate the forums at various well-known prank call websites such as Realm of Darkness, apparently hoping to gather intel on the Soundboard Prank Call community and destroy it from within.

Please note that the brotherhood has no interest in prank calling. one of our members however was involved for a short period of time and J perron foolishly believed this person was the mastermind for his harassment, even though our member has not been involved in prank calling for multiple years.

Chris perron quickly begged the brotherhood for forgiveness and promised to not release any information if we took down his information.

The brotherhood declined. His business is now bankrupt.